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Backstroke Starting Devices

It seems like every couple of years new technology is invented to enhance a swimmer's opportunity to get a fast time. A few years ago it was the starting block "wedge" that allowed swimmers to have an inclined back wall on the top of the block. More recently, the NCAA and USA Swimming embraced the use of a backstroke start device. Several companies make the product now; this particular one is fabricated by Paragon I believe and branded and sold by Colorado Time Systems (Playcore) to accompany their Colorado Block. Having used this product for nearly a year now 24/7 (they never leave the edge of the pool, whereas some facilities may only install them for certain practices or for events) we are surprised and impressed. I think, of 20, we have only had 2 casualties...and both of those were dropped by lifeguards. I guess you should avoid doing that! We have seen a little rust (and I do mean a a small area around a stainless steel nut or something) ... more staining probably than a true rust problem, but they are serving us pretty well. Do you have experience these or with another brand?  We'd love to hear your feedback! Good luck and keep 'em safe!


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