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June 2, 2020 9a-6p Eastern Time

June 9, 2020 10a-7p Eastern Time

June 16, 2020 9a-6p Eastern Time 

June 23, 2020 10a-7p Eastern Time

June 30, 2020 9a-6p Eastern Time  



Is the class really 100% online?

Yes.  For the first time ever, the Pool & Hot Tub Association (PHTA), formerly the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) has authorized us to teach a 100% online CPO course through June 30 at this time.  This option is available during COVID and state stay at home orders.  100% online courses are currently available through June 30.  July online courses will be released if permitted by the NSPF/PHTA national office, depending on where the country is at with COVID.   


What the the class format?   

There are 2 parts to the online class.  Part #1: The first part of the class is completed on your own by logging into a self-paced online training program (videos, etc) that we provide you.  Once you register we will send you a CPO book and instructions to start this first half of the course (6-8 hours).  You complete this first part of the course on your own time, any day you want, any time you want.  You can break up this part of the training however you wish, but it must be completed before part #2 of the course.  Part #2: Once you complete this self-paced study, you will attend a scheduled 1-day Zoom online meeting with several other participants and our instructor.  This is a full day of live instruction with the CPO exam administered via a computerized testing application at the end of the day.  We have several date options for this course format for you to choose from above.  When registering - be sure to note the course times.  Depending on your time zone, your start time for the Zoom classroom session may be earlier or later than the Eastern time listed.  July class dates for the 100% online course will be posted here on or around June 15, if COVID is still an issue and the NSPF/PHTA permits the online courses to continue.  


Is this the exact same certification that I would receive in a normal CPO course?  



What is the cost?

$350 per person is the registration fee.  This includes everything, and the certification is valid for 5 years.  


Do I need to register for a particular course, based on where I live? 

No, you can register for any of our 100% online courses.  Once registrations come in, we look to see where the participants come from and we cover applicable state pool codes at the end of the day based on where participants are from.


What if I don't pass the exam?

Though it is not the norm, sometimes a participant may not pass the CPO exam on the first try.  A re-take can be scheduled with us for $40, and this includes the opportunity to attend an entire day of instruction again!


What are the computer requirements for all of this?

In order to take part in the 100% online course, you must have access to a computer that has the following components: 1) a webcam, 2) a microphone, 3) speakers (or headphones).  We find that laptops work great because they often all 3 of these items built in.  iPads or similar tablet devices also seem to work pretty well but will require  some ingenuity at exam time.  And even an iPhone or similar mobile phone would work up until exam time, but a small phone screen is probably not ideal.  If you need to use a desktop computer, it can still work -- you just need to ensure it has all of the components mentioned above, and that they are all working.  You also will need to ensure that you have administrator access to the computer so the Zoom software can be installed on the machine before the class.  After the class, the software can be removed if you wish. 


How do I know if my technology is working correctly before the course?

We want to try and avoid dealing with significant tech issues at the beginning of each class - it is not a good use of time for other participants.  To help with this goal, we host a Zoom software test session every Monday at 11am-11:30 am Eastern, and also 7pm-7:30 pm Eastern.  We encourage you to have your Zoom software downloaded before the test session, and then use it to connect to us to say Hello!  Instructions for the download of Zoom, and also technology test session information is sent with your registration materials.  


How do I register? 

Click on one of the date links at the top of this page and complete the online registration/payment. We will send your materials out immediately!  If your class is coming up within 2 weeks we will also email our a starter packet so you can get started on your self paced online training.  


I still have questions...who can I call?

Call us anytime!  We are here to help!  614.642.2276

You can also email us anytime.