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Other Trainings, Audits, Consulting

Other Training Options

We are pleased to offer flexible training options on the following topics as well. Please contact us to discuss options and receive a quote to implement a training/certification program that is tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization.

* Blood Borne Pathogens

* Hazard Communication (HAZCOM)

* Chemical/Chlorine/Acid Safety

* Recreational Water Illnesses

* Emergency Response Training

* Swimming Pool Field Service Professional

* Diving Board & Diving Stand Maintenance

* Pool Start-Ups


Aquatic Operation Audits

For a reasonable fee, we offer a comprehensive facility and operational audit program.  The absolute best operators are those who continually seek feedback and input regarding their operations in an effort to grow, improve, and keep customers as safe as possible. The audit program allows our team to come spend time at your facility to ascertain what options exist to improve your individual operation.  The audit is a collaborative process focusing on customer and workplace safety, liability, and all-around efficiency.  The audit can be limited to back of the house (pump room) operation, staffing, liability, programming, or it can be comprehensive in nature. Please contact us for more information.   



Green Pool?  Chemical Feed Issue?  Water Quality Challenge?  Broken Filter? Staffing Question? Give us a call! We are always happy to brainstorm ideas or talk through a problem with our customers.  If you need more than a quick chat, we offer reasonably priced consulting services. Our team has worked with high schools, universities, municipalities, and many other organizations on everything from diving board spotting rigs to pump sizing to lighting and HVAC issues.  We are not design consultants or architects, but are often contacted once an aquatic facility is built and operating to study problems and recommend creative ideas and solutions to mitigate design or construction oversights or limitations.  Please contact us for more information.