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Internal Repairs of Fiberglass Bulkheads

So, ya.  This was a fun one!  In a unique installation, these two fiberglass bulkheads weren't holding air when inflated causing difficulties when re-positioning.  This was not a BH manufacturing failure, but more so a failure of the unique installation.  There was only one way to repair the problem ... apply a special resin to seal the air leaks.  And it had to be applied from the inside.  Lowering the water level of the pool below the BHs made this task exponentially safer and easier.  We could now enter with a simple respirator instead of on SCUBA and there was no drowning risk.  Be sure to never enter a flooded bulkhead or any other confined space without the proper training and approvals.  Not pictured here is a large manhole blower at the other end of the BH delivering ample clean and fresh air through the BH at all times.  The repairs went really well and we are happy to report that the bulkheads are both inflating normally again!  Good luck and keep 'em safe!



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