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Do you regularly inspect your diving boards?

Do you regularly inspect your diving boards for cracking? Diving boards undergo extreme forces with prolonged use and the aluminum can crack. It is important to understand the difference between a crack in the aluminum and a crack in the non-slip coating on Duraflex boards. The first scenario is a serious safety issue, the latter is more of a cosmetic issue and a maintenance issue. If you are unsure whether a crack is superficial or not, we highly recommend you stop using the boards and call your professional installer/sales rep, or call Duraflex directly in Nevada to inquire. You can send them pictures and they can assist in determining the severity of your issue. Here are several pictures of superficial cracks in boards. I think their manufacturing line had an issue when these particular boards were made, so Duraflex took them back and refinished them for free in this instance. Great customer service by a great company that makes a great product! Next time we see an aluminum crack, we'll post the picture so you can see the difference! Good luck and keep 'em safe!


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