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Is your bulkhead not staying put?

Whether due to old age, lack of upkeep, facility design issues or manufacturing defects, some bulkheads just don't stay put.  In the world of competitive swimming, aquatic professionals work in very small fractions of an inch to certify a racing course for NCAA, USA Swimming, or other governing body competition.  When we finally get the bulkhead in the right spot ... we need it to stay in place!  And without proper mechanical restraints in place, it is well known that tight lane lines can actually move a bulkhead.  Consider a gusset system as seen above.  This didn't come off the shelf.  It was designed and fabricated by a custom metal shop and the plates took some serious epoxy anchoring into the gutter wall concrete, but that bulkhead can't move a micron when the gussets are in place.  Confidence in racing course dimensions at this facility has increased 100 fold.  Don't forget to tie your new equipment into your facility bonding!  Good luck and keep 'em safe!




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